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Weatherstripping to Save Energy Costs: IDT Energy

Certainly, there are many ways to start to save on your energy bills.  One way is to look for a new energy supplier like IDT Energy if you live in a deregulated state.  Another idea is to evaluate your energy usage in the home and to cut down in key areas.  Home improvements can also help you to save on your energy bil.

Weatherstripping, for instance, helps to seal air leaks around movable joints.  In order to know how much weatherstripping you’ll need, you need to add the perimeters of all the windows and doors to be weatherstripped and then add 5-10% to accommodate any waste.  Before applying the weatherstripping in the home make sure to detect air leads and to assess your ventilation needs for your indoor air quality.

Before beginning to weatherstrip, you need to carefully evaluate the location.  When you use weatherstripping on a door bottom or threshold, for instance, the weatherstripping could drag on carpet or erode from foot traffic.  If you’re doing weatherstripping on a window, you need to think about the sliding of panes and which way they slide.  Choose the right product for each specific location.

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