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Upstate Energy Summit and Expo

Ron Humphries, a weatherization specialist, recently spoke at the annual Upstate Energy Summit and Expo, held at the Civic Center of Anderson. He was among a variety of energy experts, who were all there to give tips on making homes and businesses more efficient. There are so many easy ways to do this as, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, 55 % of energy used in the average home goes toward heating and cooling it, so if as Humphries says, people work on keeping out the unwanted air flow, it can make a huge difference to one’s IDT Energy or other utility service provider bill.

One tip Humphries gave was to use caulk and expanding foam which are not expensive and are very effective vis-à-vis pesky leaks. People need to not only examine their windows and doors for leaks, but also the sills, walls, ceilings, floorboards as well as areas on the outside of the house. As well, install miniscule insulators on wall outlets which can slip underneath a light switch cover, which cost no more than around $2 from hardware stores.

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