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IDT Energy Explains Energy Deregulations

IDT Energy is among many other alternative energy providers in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.  Since energy deregulations have happened more choices like IDT Energy are available.

Today, in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you have the power to choice your energy supplier.   During the last decade, the Public Service Commissions and State Legislatures, along with local utilities, have deregulated the energy market in these areas.  This allows for healthy competition among suppliers and allows consumers more choice.

The way that it works if you select to work with IDT Energy or another company is as follows.  IDT Energy becomes your supplier of electric and natural gas, while the delivery of this energy is still done through the utility company.  IDT Energy works in partnership with the local utility companies.  Historically, all electricity and natural gas were state-regulated and the price was fixed by them with the local utility company supplying both the supply and delivery.

This deregulation ensures that there is competition for your energy business, and therefore that there are more competitive prices.  This allows people in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to have control over the source of their natural gas and electricity.

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