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Power De-Regulation in New York City

The main motivating factor that led New York State to initiate a phased de-regulation program was to decrease costs of electricity and natural gas by increasing competition in the marketplace. The Public Service Commission (PCS) of New York State, which is responsible for the enactment of the legislation that led to de-regulation expected to see stimulation in economic growth, lowering of prices and increased choices for consumers.
Have these goals been met?

IDT Energy for you

IDT Energy, New York State, is well known as a leading private Energy Service Company (ESCO). IDT Energy was able to begin its energy services after the deregulation of the energy industry in New York State. IDT Energy New York has a history of offering the best prices and a quality product offering all homeowners who use its services the opportunity to make major progress with their energy consumption. IDT Energy offers all your energy products, and the best aspect of ESCOs is that your existing┬á Utilities Company’s infrastructure by IDT so moving to IDT is simple and easy.

IDT Energy is committed to Green Energy – IDT Energy (and you, when you use them) cares for the environment as it does for your finances!

All your gas & electricity needs and also your financial & environmental concerns are part of IDT Energy’s caring for you.

IDT Energy background

IDT Energy is an IDT Corporation Company, which means that IDT Energy has the support and backing of the IDT Corporation. Thus, IDT Energy has the advantage of firm corporate backing, which together with its personal service and attention gives it the edge in a highly competitive market. The IDT Corporation has been a provider of cost-saving consumer products and services for over 20 years – making its affiliated IDT Energy company the ESCO (Energy Service Company) for you.

Public Service Commission Approval

IDT Energy has the approval of the Public Service Commission as well as local utility bodies to provide electric and natural gas services to residential and business customers. This approval means that IDT Energy meets the various criteria required to function as an energy supplier.

What Does This Mean For The Utility Companies?
The local utility company is not effected by one’s choice of IDT Energy (or any other ESCO) for energy supply services. The same level of service is assured by the utilities whether or not they supply the energy.