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IDT Energy New York Presents the WRI

In our last post IDT Energy introduced to our readers a fascinating organization called the WRI, World Resources Institute.

The WRI organizes their work into four main programmatic goals:

1.    People and Ecosystems: This is the basic goal of stopping, and hopefully reversing the destruction and degradation of delicate ecosystems so that their ability to provide for human needs, such as goods and services, can be maintained.

2.    Governance:  We try to empower people and strengthen institutions which encourage environmentally healthy and socially fair decision making.

3.    Markets and Enterprise:  Encourage markets and research and development to increase economic opportunity while at the same time protecting the environment.

4.    Climate Protection:  Safeguard the global climate from increased harm caused by emissions of greenhouse gasses while at the same time preparing the world, natural and man-made, to adapt to the climate change that is unavoidable.

In addition to these four programmatic goals, the WRI has the fifth goal of institutional excellence, which helps WRI to achieve its other goals.

Green energy now!

Many international bodies – governments and private businesses – recognize the need for and advantages of environmentally friendly green energy.

What is green energy?
What does it mean to buy green? It means buying electricity and your energy from sources that use the earth’s natural resources in such a manner that no – or little – harmful effects on the environment or nature. A number of energy sources provide energy with little negative side effects, for example, the wind, running water, organic matter and the sun.

IDT Energy makes a major effort to explore all options for green energy.