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Energizing Indiana: Conserving Energy

Since the heat has been somewhat overwhelming this summer – especially for those living in Indiana – the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) recently launched a program entitled “Energizing Indiana.” The program aims to reduce electricity usage by around 12 percent by 2019, facilitating the process for those trying to decrease their IDT Energy or other utility service provider bill. The program is offering free services to families and businesses in the area, as well as individual energy assessments.

There are other similar programs taking place nationwide. And this is good news. But each person needs to take additional responsibility for the conservation of energy. This can be done by making minimal behavior modifications vis-à-vis turning off switches, adjusting thermometers, etc. With this particularly program however, an energy advisor will come and consult with people, suggesting steps to conserve energy and save on their monthly utility bills, while increasing their energy efficiency and enhance in-home air quality.

Upstate Energy Summit and Expo

Ron Humphries, a weatherization specialist, recently spoke at the annual Upstate Energy Summit and Expo, held at the Civic Center of Anderson. He was among a variety of energy experts, who were all there to give tips on making homes and businesses more efficient. There are so many easy ways to do this as, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, 55 % of energy used in the average home goes toward heating and cooling it, so if as Humphries says, people work on keeping out the unwanted air flow, it can make a huge difference to one’s IDT Energy or other utility service provider bill.

One tip Humphries gave was to use caulk and expanding foam which are not expensive and are very effective vis-à-vis pesky leaks. People need to not only examine their windows and doors for leaks, but also the sills, walls, ceilings, floorboards as well as areas on the outside of the house. As well, install miniscule insulators on wall outlets which can slip underneath a light switch cover, which cost no more than around $2 from hardware stores.

The Powertraveller-eXplorer

The Powertraveller-eXplorer is great for short-term use, like vacationing, or for those who want to sit for a few hours enjoying the great outdoors at home. This mobile solar powered battery charger comprises two parts: the powermonkey and the solarmonkey. When they are joined together, they become the Powertraveller-eXplorer, with the capacity to recharge mobile phones and other digital devices. Charge the battery pack by plugging into the AC mains outlet.

Ultimately, this tiny lightweight device – made for use with Apple products but also compatible with other smartphone brands – can be a great little energy saving device and become part of a plan to save on one’s IDT Energy or other utility service provider, bills.

iComfort™ – Achieving Accurate Temperatures

The summer months are upon us and it’s HOT. But the age-old question continues to beg, how do we get the perfect temperature in our homes without seeing an escalation in our IDT Energy or other utility service provider bill? What is the solution?

Lennox Industries believes it has come up with an answer to this problem. The company that is a principal provider of various indoor air quality products, has now developed the iComfort™ Wi-Fi Thermostat, which it claims will enable homeowners to control and achieve top level comfort.

What this new invention does is give homeowners the opportunity – through the device’s remote control access and one-touch “Away mode – to save on utility bills. The thermostat communicates with the HVAC system to make adjustments and alert the homeowner and maintenance/repair issue installer. This can save a huge amount of money also by eliminating what become, unnecessary service calls.

The company designer’s VP of product management, John Hurst explained the device’s benefits further: “This simple-to-use, fully integrated and aesthetically appealing thermostat brings the ultimate level of convenience and customized comfort to homeowners, and with its launch, Lennox is furthering its commitment to provide homeowners with products that make it increasingly easy and affordable to be energy efficient.”

Allegheny Energy and IDT Energy

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Allegheny Energy is an electric utility that owns and runs electric facilities while delivering electric services to its customers in: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. While the actual Allegheny Energy was only incorporated back in 1925, many of its companies working under the same umbrella before that time, have been providing services for over a hundred years. Today, the merger of Allegheny Energy and FirstEnergy has resulted in a much more expansive and stronger company, providing even better services and products to its customers, enabling them to save on their utility bill.

In April 2012, IDT Energy began service and enrolled its first Allegheny/West Penn Power customers. Allegheny Energy boasts three main categories of business: merchant generation; transmission expansion and utility operations.

Businesses: More Energy-Saving Needed

To help the environment and save money on your utility bills with IDT Energy (or any other service provider), putting energy-saving tips into practice can make a big difference. This is crucial for both people at home and those in the workplace. But there are clearly not enough of these tips being implemented. While there are some companies purchasing power-efficient products and services that will save them money in the long-term, according to a survey conducted by the Climate Change Business Forum, these are few and far between. This is despite the fact that close to three-quarters of those companies surveyed put climate change at a top business priority. Should there be a huge change in the climate, increasing power costs will result as well as problematic and extreme weather disruptions. The most vulnerable industries will be the banking and financial services. Clearly therefore, just a few small changes can make a huge difference to both one’s utility bills and the environment in the long-term.

IDT Energy: Mission

The mission at IDT Energy is to “reduce your annual energy expenses.” So, if getting great service AND paying less is important to you, it might be worth looking into changing utility providers. But, the question you may be asking is, how does IDT Energy achieve this mission statement? When utility rates increase and decrease at different times of the year, IDT Energy investigates the various different wholesale energy markets to find the best rates for YOU, the client. IDT Energy works in conjunction with different local utilities which are always on top of reading the meters; ensuring accurate and timely service billing; providing excellent customer service and more. All our professionals in the customer service section are accessible, based right here in America.

So for top quality AND reasonably-priced utility services, check out IDT Energy.

Choosing IDT Energy

Since the deregulation laws were enforced, for those living in New York, there are a variety of different energy service providers available. So one really needs to read the fine print to find out which one offers the best deals and services. IDT Energy for example, offers its customers good quality service through taking advantage of the world’s natural resources in an effort to protect the environment. The energy it provides is thus “green,” having been generated from renewable sources like running water, sun and wind.
Knowing that the money our customers spend through IDT Energy is beneficial to the economy, security and environment is an attractive prospect. Making the air cleaner and healthier is good for you and for America. It thus makes sense to go green as much as possible. IDT Energy is looking to today and the future of the country.

Energy Saving Devices for Technology

It seems like we are creating the need for more and more electricity with all our new technological advances and devices. We use up so much more energy these days as we have so many more mobile devices, when they charge. This is even the situation if they are plugged in and turned off. So what is the solution?

No matter what energy service provider you are using – IDT Energy or one of the others in America – everyone wants to save on their utility bills. Well, there may be a solution available soon. Bracketron – an electronics company – is working on a new line of chargers for mobile gadgets and batteries using a technology that completely eliminates vampire power – the power that isn’t necessary and is becoming extremely costly to US consumers. The charger will have the capacity to detect when the device is fully charged/unplugged and will then shut down automatically. They thus use no idle power and energy is saved which also gives the device’s batteries longer life as top-off charging time is limited.

Eclipse Curtains Save Energy

Everyone needs as many ways as possible of saving energy and reducing their heating bills during the winter months.  Irrespective of which service provider you are using – IDT Energy or any of the others out there – it is always smart to find ways to save on utility bills.

Now, there are many easy ways to do this.  One such way is through the installation of eclipse curtains since around a third of all home heating loss is caused through less-than-protected windows.   Energy is lost this way as the insulation value of windows anyway  is the lowest of any other insulator in the home so they do not protect from outside winds as much as doors, ceilings, etc.  Thus, using eclipse curtains is a real way to make a great saving on utility bills; check it out for saving on your energy bills.