Electricity and Gas for the World!

Small investments of time and money can pay off big in savings. IDT Energy suggests steps which anyone can take to reduce the money they spend on their power bills each month involving small cost and little effort on the part of the consumer.

Begin your savings journey with compact fluorescent bulbs. Change your old bulbs with these highly energy efficient lights, especially in the lamps and fixtures which you use the most. CFBs last 8-12 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and use only about 25% of the energy to create the same amount of light. Wait until the old bulbs expire and change to CFBs and watch your electricity bill begin to descend.

Saving Energy with Your Freezer

Many people look at the big picture when it comes to energy conservation, but they don’t always realize the big differences that small changes can make.  Certainly, switching energy providers and using a company like IDT Energy can save you money.  Here are some interesting tips about saving energy with your freezer.

  1. Keep your freezer at -18 degrees Celsius.  For each degree that you go lower than this, the freezer uses 2% more electricity.
  2. Keep that freezer stocked!  A full freezer actually operates more efficiently than does an empty one.
  3. Make sure that the door is sealed tightly and securely.
  4. Keep a space of 5cm around your freezer on all sides so that the heat can circulate away from the compressor and condensing coil.
  5. If you’re in the market for a new freezer, shop for one that is ENERGY STAR qualified or for a smaller chest freezer.

Finally, make sure to do proper maintenance on your freezer. This means that it needs annual cleaning and defrosting.  If, prior to the annual cleaning, you see that ice is building up on the inside of the unit to more than ¼ inch, you should also defrost it at that time.

Weatherstripping to Save Energy Costs: IDT Energy

Certainly, there are many ways to start to save on your energy bills.  One way is to look for a new energy supplier like IDT Energy if you live in a deregulated state.  Another idea is to evaluate your energy usage in the home and to cut down in key areas.  Home improvements can also help you to save on your energy bil.

Weatherstripping, for instance, helps to seal air leaks around movable joints.  In order to know how much weatherstripping you’ll need, you need to add the perimeters of all the windows and doors to be weatherstripped and then add 5-10% to accommodate any waste.  Before applying the weatherstripping in the home make sure to detect air leads and to assess your ventilation needs for your indoor air quality.

Before beginning to weatherstrip, you need to carefully evaluate the location.  When you use weatherstripping on a door bottom or threshold, for instance, the weatherstripping could drag on carpet or erode from foot traffic.  If you’re doing weatherstripping on a window, you need to think about the sliding of panes and which way they slide.  Choose the right product for each specific location.

If you live in a state like New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, where you can select your electricity supplier, you have many choices.  Companies like IDT Energy offer you great savings and great opportunities.  It is important to understand, when deciding on an energy company, exactly what their price entails.

The quoted energy rates from a given company may exclude certain components that could actually cause a higher final cost.  For instance, the energy rates may exclude rate components like line losses, ancillary services, congestion, capacity and grow receipts taxes. When you look at the rates on paper, it may appear that one company offers their rate for less, when really their quote doesn’t include all of the necessary component.

As a buyer, you need to be aware of all of the available product types and to make sure that you evaluate energy quotes with an accurate analysis.  Read contracts carefully and ask questions about the price components.  Make sure to ask your supplier, broker or consultant to show you the pricing section of the contract and to explain which components are included or excluded.

Second only to home heating, water heaters use the most energy in the house.  You can actually make quite a few small changes to save with your IDT Energy bill or your energy bill from another company and maximize your savings.

Make sure to insulate your hot water pipes and to wrap your electric water heater with a blanket (made for this purpose).  This blanket helps to reduce heat loss and to save you money.  Make sure that all faucets work well and are not leaking and install aerators on the kitchen faucets.

While you may enjoy soaking in a hot bath, this activity uses about 75 liters of hot water.  Taking a shower that has an efficient showerhead actually uses only half of this amount.

Looking at Energy Policy

Certainly, we all wonder what the long-term impact will be of BP’s gulf oil spill on the American oil supplies.  This is an interesting blog post examining this issue and looking at a report issued from the International Energy Agency, an intergovernmental group that studies energy policy for industrial nations.

Your Energy Choice in New Jersey

Today, in New Jersey, you have the ability to select your energy supplier.  Rather than being forced to accept your energy from one source, you can now have the freedom to select your electric and/or natural gas supplier.  This allows you to be in the driver’s seat and to comparison shop for the company that will best suit your needs.

In addition, if you are environmentally conscious, this news means that you’ll have more of a say about the energy supplier that  you use, and you can select to use a supplier that does more to protect the environment.

Choice is always a positive force.  New Jersey is proud to allow its citizens to select IDT Energy, PSE&G or one of the many other suppliers.

IDT Energy Explains Energy Deregulations

IDT Energy is among many other alternative energy providers in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.  Since energy deregulations have happened more choices like IDT Energy are available.

Today, in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you have the power to choice your energy supplier.   During the last decade, the Public Service Commissions and State Legislatures, along with local utilities, have deregulated the energy market in these areas.  This allows for healthy competition among suppliers and allows consumers more choice.

The way that it works if you select to work with IDT Energy or another company is as follows.  IDT Energy becomes your supplier of electric and natural gas, while the delivery of this energy is still done through the utility company.  IDT Energy works in partnership with the local utility companies.  Historically, all electricity and natural gas were state-regulated and the price was fixed by them with the local utility company supplying both the supply and delivery.

This deregulation ensures that there is competition for your energy business, and therefore that there are more competitive prices.  This allows people in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to have control over the source of their natural gas and electricity.