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Saving Energy with Your Freezer

Many people look at the big picture when it comes to energy conservation, but they don’t always realize the big differences that small changes can make.  Certainly, switching energy providers and using a company like IDT Energy can save you money.  Here are some interesting tips about saving energy with your freezer.

  1. Keep your freezer at -18 degrees Celsius.  For each degree that you go lower than this, the freezer uses 2% more electricity.
  2. Keep that freezer stocked!  A full freezer actually operates more efficiently than does an empty one.
  3. Make sure that the door is sealed tightly and securely.
  4. Keep a space of 5cm around your freezer on all sides so that the heat can circulate away from the compressor and condensing coil.
  5. If you’re in the market for a new freezer, shop for one that is ENERGY STAR qualified or for a smaller chest freezer.

Finally, make sure to do proper maintenance on your freezer. This means that it needs annual cleaning and defrosting.  If, prior to the annual cleaning, you see that ice is building up on the inside of the unit to more than ¼ inch, you should also defrost it at that time.

In recent news for IDT Corporation, they are increasing the size of their board from five to six members and welcoming W. Wesley-Perry as their sixth board member.

Perry is the Mayor of Midland, Texas, where he was elected in November of 2007. He is the president of the Milagros Foundation, a board member of the Abel-Hanger Foundation and a director of the River Foundation.  He has served, for the past year, as the chairman of Genie Energy Corporation, comprised of IDT’s interests in IDT Energy, American Shale Oil, LLC (AMSO) and Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI).