Electricity and Gas for the World!

IDT Energy in New York

IDT Energy has hundreds of thousands of customers who are already enjoying the cost, service and environmental benefits of IDT energy’s supply, making IDT Energy one of the leading energy supply companies supplying energy – electricity & natural gas – throughout of all New York State.

IDT Energy recognizes New York and Brooklyn’s expectations of their energy supply, and therefore IDT has as its ideal to respond to all the needs and demands of the New York energy consumer base. It is this desire to provide the best energy solutions for all their customers that has given birth to IDT Energy revolution. Indeed, IDT Energy has revolutionized the entire energy supply market.

The environment matters!

For most of us, thinking about the environment is not always one of our most important – or first – concerns. Generally, when we think about the energy industry, specifically the realms of gas, electricity and heating, we think about a whole host of aspects of these spheres. Very rarely do we think about the impact of all of these on our environment. When we are forced to think about the energy industry and our environment, we often think only in negative, destructive terms.

This was quite true for many years, yet now much has changed. Green energy – which is renewable and causes less environmental damage – has been at the forefront of the activities of many companies. IDT Energy is a leading energy provider who focuses on the continued effects of the energy industry, and thus it has built its world around the concept of Green Energy.

IDT Energy proves that Mother Nature is still  important!

New York ESCOs Break New Ground in Energy

With Energy prices for the coming year likely to rise with the cost of oil, customers in New York are turning to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), companies licensed by the state to buy energy wholesale and provide it to customers via their current providers. IDT Energy stands at the forefront of the ESCO movement, which has been saving customers from Albany to Long Island hundreds of dollars per year on their electrical and heating bills.