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Switch to IDT Energy and Save More Money

Always with its customers in mind, IDT Energy has a program designed to save energy consumers in New York even more money. By joining IDT Energy’s “Switch and Save” program you can save as much as 7% on delivery of electricity and natural gas because you are exempt for the taxes levied on those services.

Customers signed up for the “Switch and Save” program also receive a credit of up to $.004 per KWH of electricity and $.024 credit for each therm of natural gas.

Among the reasons to switch to IDT Energy and save on your electricity and natural gas bill are:

1.    Receive highly competitive rates as well as seasonal savings on the supply of electricity and natural gas for both your home and/or company.
2.    The local utility company you are using now will continue to deliver your energy, bill you, read your meter and take of any problems you may have-no need to interrupt service in any way.
3.    There are absolutely no sign-up fees, cancellation fees nor are you forced to commit to the program for any length of time.
4.    Convenient hours for our customers- The IDT Energy customer hotline  is open 7 days a week from 7:30am until 7:30pm

These are just some of the reasons to make IDT Energy your supplier of natural gas and electricity.

The environment matters!

For most of us, thinking about the environment is not always one of our most important – or first – concerns. Generally, when we think about the energy industry, specifically the realms of gas, electricity and heating, we think about a whole host of aspects of these spheres. Very rarely do we think about the impact of all of these on our environment. When we are forced to think about the energy industry and our environment, we often think only in negative, destructive terms.

This was quite true for many years, yet now much has changed. Green energy – which is renewable and causes less environmental damage – has been at the forefront of the activities of many companies. IDT Energy is a leading energy provider who focuses on the continued effects of the energy industry, and thus it has built its world around the concept of Green Energy.

IDT Energy proves that Mother Nature is still  important!

IDT Energy – learn more and win!

With the deregulation of the energy industry, the residents of New York State can now make the most of the different energy solutions available on the market. Whereas before you were limited to one supplier of your gas and electricity needs, now you are able to compare the service and the prices of different suppliers in order to make sure you are getting the best for your dollar.

Consider your options very carefully before signing a service agreement, as the savings and quality of service that you may be missing out on are very substantial.

A rising force in the energy industry is IDT Energy, which already has hundreds of thousands of customers throughout New York. To read a bit about IDT Energy, click here.

Make sure to contact IDT Energy before you make any agreements with any other energy companies. Even better, why not take you next utilities bill and give a call to IDT?