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New York City Marches to De-Regulation

There are about 20 different ESCOs in New York City for customers to choose from, in addition to having Con Edison supply power, as in the past.  During the first phase of the multi-phased march towards complete de-regulation which began in June of 1998, almost 76,000 customers from New York City and Westchester County chose an ESCO in place of Con Ed as suppliers of their electricity. However there was a 62,000 limit on the number of customers who were allowed to make the switch, and that was the number that were picked at random and actually were signed up for the ESCO of their choice during phase one.

IDT, New York, Brooklyn

Do you live in New York? Brooklyn? The time has come to look at utilities account and consider your energy options, ’cause New York’s IDT Energy is a leading Energy Supply Company that can offer you the opportunity to make huge savings on all your energy costs – your heating and cooking bills, your gas bills, your electricity bills, and all other energy related costs.

Moreover, as the leading energy company in New York State, IDT Energy offers you top notch service and customer care, placing you first. Also, and this is as important as any energy concerns and needs you may have, IDT Energy is dedicated to the environment and the implementation of environmentally friendly “green” energy generation.

Natural gas is the only way to go – sustainable energy that pollutes the environment a fraction of all other energy sources is well worth the slightly increased costs of this energy production. This is exactly IDT Energy‘s policy!

IDT Energy in New York

IDT Energy has hundreds of thousands of customers who are already enjoying the cost, service and environmental benefits of IDT energy’s supply, making IDT Energy one of the leading energy supply companies supplying energy – electricity & natural gas – throughout of all New York State.

IDT Energy recognizes New York and Brooklyn’s expectations of their energy supply, and therefore IDT has as its ideal to respond to all the needs and demands of the New York energy consumer base. It is this desire to provide the best energy solutions for all their customers that has given birth to IDT Energy revolution. Indeed, IDT Energy has revolutionized the entire energy supply market.

IDT Energy background

IDT Energy is an IDT Corporation Company, which means that IDT Energy has the support and backing of the IDT Corporation. Thus, IDT Energy has the advantage of firm corporate backing, which together with its personal service and attention gives it the edge in a highly competitive market. The IDT Corporation has been a provider of cost-saving consumer products and services for over 20 years – making its affiliated IDT Energy company the ESCO (Energy Service Company) for you.

Public Service Commission Approval

IDT Energy has the approval of the Public Service Commission as well as local utility bodies to provide electric and natural gas services to residential and business customers. This approval means that IDT Energy meets the various criteria required to function as an energy supplier.

What Does This Mean For The Utility Companies?
The local utility company is not effected by one’s choice of IDT Energy (or any other ESCO) for energy supply services. The same level of service is assured by the utilities whether or not they supply the energy.

New York ESCOs Break New Ground in Energy

With Energy prices for the coming year likely to rise with the cost of oil, customers in New York are turning to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), companies licensed by the state to buy energy wholesale and provide it to customers via their current providers. IDT Energy stands at the forefront of the ESCO movement, which has been saving customers from Albany to Long Island hundreds of dollars per year on their electrical and heating bills.