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IDT Energy, New York State, is well known as a leading private Energy Service Company (ESCO). IDT Energy was able to begin its energy services after the deregulation of the energy industry in New York State. IDT Energy New York has a history of offering the best prices and a quality product offering all homeowners who use its services the opportunity to make major progress with their energy consumption. IDT Energy offers all your energy products, and the best aspect of ESCOs is that your existing  Utilities Company’s infrastructure by IDT so moving to IDT is simple and easy.

IDT Energy is committed to Green Energy – IDT Energy (and you, when you use them) cares for the environment as it does for your finances!

All your gas & electricity needs and also your financial & environmental concerns are part of IDT Energy’s caring for you.

IDT Energy resources for you

IDT Energy has one of the most developed energy resources available to the public. Visit the IDT Energy Resource Center to learn about Energy Saving Tips, Green Energy and general energy news.

The IDT Energy Resource Center offers a wealth of information on all the  different aspects of energy. All you have to do is see what interests you and then start learning.

Want to conserve energy and save money?

Want to find out what green energy is?

Are you interested in energy and the business world?

All this information and more is available online resource center, which you reach from IDT’s site www.idtenergy.com.

IDT Energy – learn more and win!

With the deregulation of the energy industry, the residents of New York State can now make the most of the different energy solutions available on the market. Whereas before you were limited to one supplier of your gas and electricity needs, now you are able to compare the service and the prices of different suppliers in order to make sure you are getting the best for your dollar.

Consider your options very carefully before signing a service agreement, as the savings and quality of service that you may be missing out on are very substantial.

A rising force in the energy industry is IDT Energy, which already has hundreds of thousands of customers throughout New York. To read a bit about IDT Energy, click here.

Make sure to contact IDT Energy before you make any agreements with any other energy companies. Even better, why not take you next utilities bill and give a call to IDT?