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IDT Energy and Energy Star

Whenever consumers are shopping for new appliances or other energy-using products, IDT Energy suggests that they should consider purchasing products labeled with the Energy Star.

Energy Star is the internationally recognized symbol which is bestowed only on the top 25% of the most energy efficient products.

The consumer products which are included in the Energy Star rating system are home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines; electronic products including televisions and computers; and office equipment like printers and copy machines.

IDT Energy suggests that the next time you need to replace an old appliance, or purchase a new electronic device, look for the Energy Star to save money on your power costs.

Homeowners can take a tax credits worth 10% of the cost of purchasing new, energy efficient windows, doors and skylights which they install anytime during the year 2011. The law is designed to be an incentive to get homeowners to save on the energy they need to heat and cool their homes, this lowering their utility bills while also helping to preserve natural resources.

In order to be eligible for the tax savings the fenestration must be approved as Energy Star products. These products are easily available and have been tested to meet a high standard of energy efficiency.

IDT Energy believes it makes sense to participate in this tax program and begin saving on one’s energy bill while helping save energy for the future.

IDT Energy understands that New Yorkers are savvy shoppers and concerned citizens. As such we know you want to stay informed about what purchases you can make which will help save not only on your bills but will also benefit the environment. The New York State Energy Research and Development Association (NYSRDA)  educates and promotes with specially designed programs ways for New Yorkers to save money, energy and the environment.

By looking for the Energy Star label on appliances and other products consumers can have confidence that their purchase is energy efficient and that they will save money in the long run. Their purchase will also be environmentally friendly.

Sometimes products with the Energy Star may cost more than other products, but you can rest assured that soon the savings you will experience on your utility bills will more than pay for the initial higher purchase price.