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Saving Money While Doing Laundry

There are millions of little ways to save on your energy costs without even changing your lifestyle. IDT Energy cares about its customers and their savings; to help with this cause, here are some money saving tips you can implement today.

Change the washer from using hot water to cold water, if you can. This will reduce the energy bill, and will still clean the clothing quite well. Sort laundry so that you are drying heavy items together and light items together, thus requiring less drying time when you are only doing lighter materials. Clean the lint filter after each load of laundry, and check the dryer vent occasionally to make sure there are no blockages.

Make sure to use the dyer’s moister sensor. This detects when clothes are actually dry and will automatically switch the dryer off. And, of course, you can hang things out to dry rather than using the dryer at all!

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