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Proceed With Caution: Watch Out for Outlets

In our continuing discussion of electrical outlet safety awareness IDT Energy is taking this opportunity to point out potential hazards at electrical outlets so that consumers can take the actions necessary to prevent accidents.

Intense and dangerous electrical arcing can result from broken faceplates on the outlet. In one case a woman received severe burns when she plugged in a floor lamp into and outlet whose plastic faceplate was broken, allowing the prongs of the plug to bridge from the contacts to the grounded strap.

When an outlet is used with appliances that are frequently plugged and unplugged repeatedly, such as kitchen appliances that are stored away when not in use, like mixers, beaters, juicers, and food processors, the outlet can deteriorate and become hazardous. The plug may begin to fit loosely into the outlet causing the plug to slip out of the outlet either partially or completely with just slight movement of the cord.  This situation is a fire hazard, and if there is a curtain or other fabric close by, the danger is even greater.

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