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Part II: IDT Energy and How Your AC Works

IDT Energy New York continues the explanation of how your air conditioner keeps you and your family really cool.

The coolant arrives at the compressor as a cool, low pressure gas. As its name implies, the compressor squeezes the gas, which raises its temperature.  The fluid then leaves the compressor as a hot, high pressure gas which flows into the condenser. The fins of the condenser act like a radiator in a car and help the heat disperse faster. Then the coolant leaves the condenser as a much cooler liquid now under high pressure. This liquid goes into the last part of the air conditioner, the evaporator, through a narrow hole. When it comes out the other side the pressure drops and the liquid begins to evaporate back into a gas.

While the liquid changes to a gas, evaporation, heat is remove from the air around it. The fins of the evaporator are there to enhance this process. Inside the evaporator a fan helps to further distribute the cool air created by this process throughout the house.
IDT Energy hopes that having a better understanding of your air conditioner will help you use it more efficiently and with more appreciation for the work it does to keep us comfortable in the hot, humid New York summertime.

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