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IDT Energy: Prevent Air Infiltration and Save

When the cold air is blowing outside it is a tough job to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. But to the extent that homeowners can achieve this goal is the extent to which they can save energy heating their homes during the cold winter months.

The first step in preventing leakage of warm air out and cold air in is to detect the places where the leakage is occurring.  Check places like:

  • Door and window frames
  • Mail chutes
  • Electrical and gas service entrances
  • Cable TV and phone lines
  • Outdoor water faucets
  • Dryer vents which pass through walls
  • Bricks, siding and stucco
  • Air conditioners
  • Vents and fans

Once the leaks are spotted, they can be sealed with caulking and weatherstripping.  IDT Energy encourages consumers of energy to prevent leakage and save money.

Saving Money Ideas for Heating Water from IDT Energy

Between 14 and 25 percent of all the energy used at home goes to heating water. Therefore finding ways to heat water more efficiently can save families lots of money during the course of the year.

IDT Energy suggests several methods which can be incorporated into a normal household which have the potential of saving lots of energy and money:

  • Find ways to decrease household use of hot water: begin by fixing leaky faucets, installing low-flow fixtures and purchasing dishwashers and washing machines which are energy efficient.
  • By installing a timer you can take advantage of only heating your water during the off-peak hours as well as turning off the water heater at night when it is not needed.
  • An interesting technology which can help save a lot of energy is a drain-water recovery system. Since about 80-90% of the energy used to heat water at home ends up just going down the drain, it is logical to try and recover some of that energy. The system works by pre-heating the cold water going into to water heater or other fixtures using the heat from discarded water.

IDT Energy is interested in helping consumers to save energy, and thus save money, on their household energy bills.

IDT Energy and Energy Star

Whenever consumers are shopping for new appliances or other energy-using products, IDT Energy suggests that they should consider purchasing products labeled with the Energy Star.

Energy Star is the internationally recognized symbol which is bestowed only on the top 25% of the most energy efficient products.

The consumer products which are included in the Energy Star rating system are home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines; electronic products including televisions and computers; and office equipment like printers and copy machines.

IDT Energy suggests that the next time you need to replace an old appliance, or purchase a new electronic device, look for the Energy Star to save money on your power costs.

More Great Energy Saving Ideas from IDT Energy

IDT Energy continues to help its customers and all consumers save energy and save money, too.

Here are a few new suggestions which can be done with a minimum effort to gain a big reward:

1.    For just $10 to $20 you can buy your water heater a jacket. Believe it or not, this small gesture of insulating the water heater can save about 1100 lbs. of CO2 each year for an electric heater, or 220 lbs. for a gas heater.

2.    Insulate windows and doors. Using caulking and weather stripping, for just a few dollars per door or window, you can plug the leaks that let out the expensive warm air and let in the freezing air in the winter, and the reverse in the summer.  Weatherizing plugs some of the leaks in your budget, too.

3.    How about trying low-flow shower heads? For only about $10-$20 you will not only get a wonderfully stimulating shower, but you will also save about 300 lbs. of CO2 annually for electric-heated water and 80 lbs. of CO2 for gas-heated water.

IDT Energy suggests that a small investment in savings now can pay off in a big way over time.

More Energy Saving Tips from IDT Energy

Small Appliances Can Save You Energy

It is obvious that smaller appliances use smaller amounts of energy. Here are a few energy saving, and money saving ideas from IDT Energy which are easy to do and could potentially save you some of your hard-earned money. Not to mention helping conserve the earth’s precious resources.

1.    Use small appliances to cook with: Whenever possible use your toaster oven, electric skillet or slow-cooker, instead of the range.

2.    Your microwave is a great energy-saving tool. It saves you time, too.

3.    Always have clean air filters installed. Exhaust hoods, vacuums, humidifiers, etc. should all have their filters replaced regularly to keep them running at tip-top efficiency.

4.    Always use cold water when you run your garbage disposal. It takes energy to heat water. Why waste it flushing it down the drain? Not only that, the cold water solidifies the grease, make it flow easier out through the disposal and through the pipes.

IDT Energy Announces Spin-Off of Genie Energy

IDT Energy is anticipating the creation of a new subsidiary, Genie Energy, which is expected to be executed some time at the end of October, 2011. Before the spin-off of Genie can become reality, the recently filed documents to the SEC, namely the initial registration statement as well as an information statement, must first go into effect.  Anyone wishing to see the documents, which were filed by IDT Energy in late August, are welcome to visit the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency with which they were filed.

Howard Jonas is the CEO and Chairman of IDT Energy. He explained the need for the creation of Genie Energy in the following statement:

“The spin-off of Genie is one of the key strategic moves we announced last year to enable stockholders to realize the inherent value in IDT’s businesses. The growing global demand for energy coupled with supply disruptions caused by unrest in certain oil producing regions makes the development of oil shale more important than at any other time in our history.”

Claude Pupkin, Genie Energy’s CEO added,

“We believe that, as a separate entity, we will be better able to execute on our development plans for both our IDT Energy retail supply business and our unconventional energy projects. In the last year, IDT Energy has expanded its operations into two new states. Genie Oil and Gas is pursuing an environmentally sustainable approach to develop the vast oil shale resources in the United States and Israel. Both businesses possess tremendous growth potential.”

IDT Energy: Lights Out New York to Save Birds and Energy

Did you know that about 90,000 birds are killed each year when they collide into glass buildings trying to migrate through the challenging concrete forest of New York City?

A large percentage of these birds are attempting the flight at night and become highly disoriented by the lit buildings and other structures as the artificially bright lights confuse and interfere with their natural navigational cues.

The Audubon Society is therefore encouraging New Yorkers to get involved in “Lights Out New York.” This project will begin on September 1st and continue until November 1st: requiring participants to turn off the lights from midnight until dawn every night during that time period. The hope is that thousands of birds’ lives will be saved, not to mention the energy saved as well.

Energy Savings for Retail Spaces

Certainly, if you own a home, you want to save energy in that location. If you own a retail business, you should also consider ways to save on your energy bill, whether you use IDT Energy or have another provider.

If your store is open six days a week for 8 hours a day, that actually only means that it’s in use 28% of the year. This leaves you with more than 70% of the year when you can save significant amounts of money on your energy consumption. Make sure that lights and other energy systems are either off or on the lowest settings and use time clocks and programmable settings whenever you can.

Even when your store is open, you can have timers for the indoor and outdoor lights. For instance, you should have a switchplate note in a dressing room asking customers to turn off the lights when not in use. An occupancy sensor or timer could do this job for you as well.

If you have air conditioning and heating in the building, make sure all exterior windows are shaded or tinted to minimize heat. Make sure you have an efficient system in place and that you get it serviced regularly as well.

IDT Energy Summer Saving Ideas

IDT Energy suggests watching this video and learning some easy ways to save energy during the hot months of summer.

Summer Savings from IDT Energy

Summer has finally hit New York in its full blown fury, and IDT Energy is back again with some simple but effective ways to help families, businesses and consumers of all kinds save money.

Try out some of these ideas and keep cool while keeping your money in your pockets:

1.    Whenever possible use natural ventilation to cool down your house, especially on cooler nights with a breeze blowing.
2.    Try curtains, blinds and other window dressings to keep out the heat and keep in the cooler, air-conditioned air you paid so much money to acquire.
3.    Keep the thermostat as high as is comfortable, and use a programmable thermostat whenever possible.
4.    Ceiling fans are a low-cost way to keep the breeze blowing.
5.    Insulate or install energy saving windows, skylights and doors.

IDT Energy wishes New Yorkers a cool, comfortable and money saving summer.