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Outdoor Summer Energy Savings Tips: IDT Energy

Certainly, as the summer approaches, there are some key ways to save energy.  Taking a bit of time to follow through on these outdoor energy tips can help you to significantly reduce your electricity bill and to help the environment.  Energy companies like IDT Energy want to help you to save money, and these tips should be a start.

When the clocks change, you’ll have more daylight hours at your disposal.  Make sure to adjust any outdoor lighting timers so that you don’t have them running for more hours than necessary.  This will save you money and will extend the life of your light bulbs.

When considering lighting for your garden and porch, select low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. They are less expensive to buy and to operate and they are simple to install and use.

Your outdoor space doesn’t need to be lit like a landing pad.  Avoid having excessive lighting.  Your illumination only needs to be bright enough for safety and for relaxing.  Consider installing timers, as well, or make sure to only use your patio lights when you are sitting out there.

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