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More Energy Saving Tips from IDT Energy

Small Appliances Can Save You Energy

It is obvious that smaller appliances use smaller amounts of energy. Here are a few energy saving, and money saving ideas from IDT Energy which are easy to do and could potentially save you some of your hard-earned money. Not to mention helping conserve the earth’s precious resources.

1.    Use small appliances to cook with: Whenever possible use your toaster oven, electric skillet or slow-cooker, instead of the range.

2.    Your microwave is a great energy-saving tool. It saves you time, too.

3.    Always have clean air filters installed. Exhaust hoods, vacuums, humidifiers, etc. should all have their filters replaced regularly to keep them running at tip-top efficiency.

4.    Always use cold water when you run your garbage disposal. It takes energy to heat water. Why waste it flushing it down the drain? Not only that, the cold water solidifies the grease, make it flow easier out through the disposal and through the pipes.

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