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Indoor Lighting Savings Tips: IDT Energy

Energy companies like IDT Energy will agree that most people are unaware of the fact that their lighting unnecessarily increases their energy costs. First, the majority of houses use incandescent light bulbs, which use up to 75% more than fluorescent ones, and have a much shorter life span as well. Secondly, it is important to get into the habit of turning lights off while leaving a room.

Using area lighting is another affective way to save energy. Instead of installing extra-bright bulbs to light up entire rooms, consider using smaller, energy conserving bulbs in lamps and nightlights to shed light on the desired area. During the day, keep the shades open and take advantage of the free, natural light from outside. If you use nightlights in hallways or children’s rooms during the night, be sure to turn them off and unplug them during the daylight hours.

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