Electricity and Gas for the World!

Where your power comes from needn’t be such a mystery. Now that there is the possibility  in New York for consumers to choose their power supply company, IDT Energy is striving to keep the public informed about all the issues surrounding electricity, natural gas and their uses. At IDT Energy we believe this knowledge should extend to how these power sources are produced.

In the case of electricity there are many methods of production. Electricity can be made at hydroelectric power stations, by solar or wind energy, by burning fossil fuels, and other methods. In most cases, with the notable exception of solar power, the primary energy source must somehow cause a generator to rotate, where mechanical energy is turned into electrical energy. At a hydroelectric plant the rushing water turns the generator using the force of gravity which pulls the water down, causing the turbine to rotate and the generator to turn. Other power plants use the same principles but using different sources of energy.

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