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IDT Energy: Keeping Customers Informed

Understanding that Electricity is a Secondary Energy Source

There are many misunderstandings about what electricity is, and IDT Energy wants consumers to know exactly what makes electricity so special. Simply put, electricity is the flow of electrical power, or charge. Over the past one hundred years electricity has come to be one of our most often used forms of energy.

Electricity is a part of nature, but it is different than some of the other forms of energy we use. Since electricity must be created through the conversion of other forms of energy such as coal, solar or nuclear, it is referred to as secondary energy. While primary energy sources can be either renewable, such as solar, or non-renewable, such as coal, this designation does not apply to electricity. It is neither renewable or on non-renewable.

There is no question that over the past one hundred of so years the use of electricity has dramatically changed the way we live. It is easy to name some major developments in our lives which could not have happened without electricity. Safe, easy indoor lighting; telephones; efficient, easy to use refrigerators; washers and dryers, to name just a very tiny few of the remarkable appliances and tools electricity has allowed mankind to develop.

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