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Introducing Magnetic AC: IDT Energy

Certainly, we’ve all seen amazing developments over the decades with air conditioning.  While air conditioners used to be only for the lucky few, today they are ubiquitous. With technology in all different types of appliances advancing rapidly, it is no wonder that the same improvements will be used in air conditioning technology.

In April, 2009 the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva introduced to the world its latest “MagLev” chiller, a 225-ton air conditioner of the future.  The “MagLev” which stands for magnetic levitation, solves the problem of the wearing out of the compressor component of a standard air conditioner due to the generation of heat and the wearing out of the ball bearings that support the spinning drive shaft of the compressor.  By the time you need to replace the compressor the air conditioner burns double the energy to create the same amount of cooling.
The “MagLev” uses a magnetic field instead of ball bearings. The drive shaft of the compressor is suspended in air with magnets while it spins at about 40,000 revolutions/minute. This clever design completely illuminates friction, allowing the compressor to work 30% more efficiently, creates less heat, and works at maximum efficiency throughout its life.

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