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IDT Energy Introduces Green-e

As concerned citizens you want to do what is best for the environment so that the world will be a great place to live not just for your but for your children and their children. And as a consumer, you want to know that the products and services you are purchasing are not sacrificing quality or dependability for a promise of a better environment that perhaps they cant deliver.

That is where Green-e comes in. As the country’s leading independent certification program as well as verification for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and renewable energy Green-e makes sure you get what you are promised.

There are two types of certification programs. Green-e Climate was begun in 2007 as a voluntary certification program setting standards for consumer protection and environmental integrity for the reduction of GHG emissions reductions which are sold in the voluntary market.

Green-e Energy is an independent certification program and verification program for renewable energy, leading the nation in this endeavor.

Green-e Marketplace allows companies that have purchased renewable energy in qualifying amounts and have also passed verification standard to display the logo of Green-e.

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