Electricity and Gas for the World!

IDT Energy for you

IDT Energy, New York State, is well known as a leading private Energy Service Company (ESCO). IDT Energy was able to begin its energy services after the deregulation of the energy industry in New York State. IDT Energy New York has a history of offering the best prices and a quality product offering all homeowners who use its services the opportunity to make major progress with their energy consumption. IDT Energy offers all your energy products, and the best aspect of ESCOs is that your existing┬á Utilities Company’s infrastructure by IDT so moving to IDT is simple and easy.

IDT Energy is committed to Green Energy – IDT Energy (and you, when you use them) cares for the environment as it does for your finances!

All your gas & electricity needs and also your financial & environmental concerns are part of IDT Energy’s caring for you.

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