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Many electric companies, such as IDT Energy, recommend conserving energy. This is not only good for the environment- by doing so you can lower your electricity bill.

For example, many people run their dishwasher multiple times every day. It would be better to wait until the end of the day, and run it only once. If you need to reuse specific dishes throughout the day, wash those by hand. Electricity demand is less after 8 o’clock pm, so run the dishwasher then. Another good way to conserve energy is to use the air-dry setting, or, even better, leave the door open and let the dishes dry naturally. If you run the wash after 8 pm, the dishes can be left to dry this way overnight. It is also unnecessary to rinse dishes off in the sink before putting them in the washer. Cleaning the drains and filters on a regular basis, however, is highly recommended, as it will improve the performance of the dishwasher, and make it last longer.

If you are purchasing a new dishwasher, look for one that has the short-cycle, or econowash qualities.

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