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Energy Saving Devices for Technology

It seems like we are creating the need for more and more electricity with all our new technological advances and devices. We use up so much more energy these days as we have so many more mobile devices, when they charge. This is even the situation if they are plugged in and turned off. So what is the solution?

No matter what energy service provider you are using – IDT Energy or one of the others in America – everyone wants to save on their utility bills. Well, there may be a solution available soon. Bracketron – an electronics company – is working on a new line of chargers for mobile gadgets and batteries using a technology that completely eliminates vampire power – the power that isn’t necessary and is becoming extremely costly to US consumers. The charger will have the capacity to detect when the device is fully charged/unplugged and will then shut down automatically. They thus use no idle power and energy is saved which also gives the device’s batteries longer life as top-off charging time is limited.

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