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Energizing Indiana: Conserving Energy

Since the heat has been somewhat overwhelming this summer – especially for those living in Indiana – the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) recently launched a program entitled “Energizing Indiana.” The program aims to reduce electricity usage by around 12 percent by 2019, facilitating the process for those trying to decrease their IDT Energy or other utility service provider bill. The program is offering free services to families and businesses in the area, as well as individual energy assessments.

There are other similar programs taking place nationwide. And this is good news. But each person needs to take additional responsibility for the conservation of energy. This can be done by making minimal behavior modifications vis-à-vis turning off switches, adjusting thermometers, etc. With this particularly program however, an energy advisor will come and consult with people, suggesting steps to conserve energy and save on their monthly utility bills, while increasing their energy efficiency and enhance in-home air quality.

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