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Electricity Safety and IDT Energy

IDT Energy believes that by following a few simple rules, a potential hazard for fire and shock can be made perfectly safe.

•    Replacement of damaged outlets should be done promptly by a qualified electrician. Any outlet that feels hot, is emitting sparks, has loose fitting plugs, or in which the plugged in lamp or other appliance turns off and on or fails to light can be considered damaged and should be replaced.

•    Never pull out an electrical cord at an angle. This could cause the plastic face of the outlet to crack, break away, and leave live parts of the outlet dangerously exposed.

•    Plastic, child-proof safety caps should be inserted into unused outlets so children cannot insert anything into the receptacle.

•    Plugs should always be completely inserted into the outlet. Never let any part of the metal prongs be exposed.

IDT Energy wishes you a safe year of electricity use.

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