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IDT Energy hopes consumers begin the new school year with increased awareness of electric safety precautions that are simple to follow and could really prevent dangerous accidents.

Damaged or problematic electrical receptacles should be replaced by a qualified person. It is also a good idea to upgrade home electrical systems to the most modern safety standards.

Preventing electrocution is a simple matter of installing ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs.) This is the most effective way to prevent electric shock. A second method is to install three pronged outlets. Before switching to this type of outlet you need to check that there is a grounding conductor in the outlet box.

Outlets can become overheated, even with nothing in them, if they have poor internal contacts or loose wire terminals. In such a case the outlet can even emit sparks. One way to preserve your outlets is to be sure the appliance is turned off before you unplug it from the outlet.

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