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Deregulation and IDT Energy

Utilities supplying electricity and gas power to New Yorkers and residents of several other states were deregulated about a decade ago. The intent of the legislative bodies that chose to deregulate the energy markets was so that competition would be fostered among the suppliers, improving service and prices for customers.

In order to understand deregulation it is important to know that energy service has two components, the supply of the energy and its delivery.  Deregulation gave consumers the power to choose their energy supplier, while the delivery of the energy remained within the purview of the established and regulated utilities. This means that today, for many New Yorkers, although Con Edison is still the company that delivers their power, the supplier of energy is determined by the consumer.

IDT Energy is a qualified supplier of energy to the people of New York, and in partnership with local utility companies, which in some cases, but not all, is Con Ed, can supply residents with the energy they need at competitive prices and excellent service.

Although the local utility still delivers the electricity and gas to its customers, consumers have the right to pick the supplier which meets their needs best, helping to drive down prices and improve quality of service. There is no need to do anything other than pick up the phone to make the switch to IDT Energy, or any other supplier of electricity and gas which services your area.

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