Electricity and Gas for the World!

Cooper Union in New York City, one of the most prestigious schools for architecture, engineering and fine arts in the country, has created a building  which is not only making waves due to its unique design, but is saving the school lots of energy, too.
Thom Mayne created this architectural masterpiece which combines imagination, high tech materials and engineering to use up to 40% less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures as buildings of comparable size.

According to Cooper Union’s president Dr. George Campbell,

“We set goals for the architect to make the building inspirational, but we wanted it to be green.”

IDT Energy is interested in what’s new in the world of sustainable and renewable sources for energy, and because of that IDT offers its customers the choice of “buying green.” When IDT Energy customers “buy green” they are helping the environment because a large percentage of the electricity bought comes from renewable and sustainable, green resources.

New York State is working hard towards becoming a hub for clean-technology development, hoping to establish within the next 10 years the use of 25% renewable, green sources for all its electricity production. IDT Energy is participating in this effort, and hopes its customers will also partake in this goal to improve the environment for the future.

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