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Conserve Energy- Save Money

Whether you use IDT Energy or another electric company, these simple tips can go a long way in lowering your monthly energy bill:
• Replace regular incandescent light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), and save up to 75% of lighting costs
• Be sure to unplug electronics when they are not in use. These include microwaves, televisions and battery chargers. Together, the phantom power used could power your refrigerator!
• When you can, do the wash in cold water. At least 85% of energy used for the machine goes to water heating.
• Only run your laundry and dishwasher when they are fully loaded.
• Monitor your dryer’s outside vent and be sure to remove lint whenever necessary. If you are shopping for a new dryer, look for one with a moisture sensor.
• If you shop for new appliances, buy ones that are ENERGY STAR qualified. These are 40% more efficient.

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