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In recent news for IDT Corporation, they are increasing the size of their board from five to six members and welcoming W. Wesley-Perry as their sixth board member.

Perry is the Mayor of Midland, Texas, where he was elected in November of 2007. He is the president of the Milagros Foundation, a board member of the Abel-Hanger Foundation and a director of the River Foundation.  He has served, for the past year, as the chairman of Genie Energy Corporation, comprised of IDT’s interests in IDT Energy, American Shale Oil, LLC (AMSO) and Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI).

Cooper Union in New York City, one of the most prestigious schools for architecture, engineering and fine arts in the country, has created a building  which is not only making waves due to its unique design, but is saving the school lots of energy, too.
Thom Mayne created this architectural masterpiece which combines imagination, high tech materials and engineering to use up to 40% less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures as buildings of comparable size.

According to Cooper Union’s president Dr. George Campbell,

“We set goals for the architect to make the building inspirational, but we wanted it to be green.”

IDT Energy is interested in what’s new in the world of sustainable and renewable sources for energy, and because of that IDT offers its customers the choice of “buying green.” When IDT Energy customers “buy green” they are helping the environment because a large percentage of the electricity bought comes from renewable and sustainable, green resources.

New York State is working hard towards becoming a hub for clean-technology development, hoping to establish within the next 10 years the use of 25% renewable, green sources for all its electricity production. IDT Energy is participating in this effort, and hopes its customers will also partake in this goal to improve the environment for the future.

Green Renovations Grow in Brooklyn

IDT Energy has ventured to Brooklyn to explore the green explosion that is going on over there. According to a New York Post article dated April 16, 2009, entitled, “Fresh Start: It’s Easy Being Green”, there is a small green revolution going on in Brooklyn. The condominium development in Battery Park City known as “Visionaire” is built with in-house treatment of waste water as well as photo-voltaic panels.

But if you don’t have the ability to move to this LEED-certified development, then there are lots of things you can do with the place you live now to make it much more energy efficient.  And this is not just a nice idea, but crucial, since about 80 per cent of the greenhouse gasses produced in New York City come from buildings any reduction in these emissions will greatly benefit the environment.

According to Sarah Beatty, the president of Green Depot, a chain of eco-friendly building and home supplies, “The last five years have seen exponential growth in the number of high-quality [green] products that have come to market. For homeowners who want to approach a renovation, there are a ton of choices.”

IDT Energy understands that New Yorkers are savvy shoppers and concerned citizens. As such we know you want to stay informed about what purchases you can make which will help save not only on your bills but will also benefit the environment. The New York State Energy Research and Development Association (NYSRDA)  educates and promotes with specially designed programs ways for New Yorkers to save money, energy and the environment.

By looking for the Energy Star label on appliances and other products consumers can have confidence that their purchase is energy efficient and that they will save money in the long run. Their purchase will also be environmentally friendly.

Sometimes products with the Energy Star may cost more than other products, but you can rest assured that soon the savings you will experience on your utility bills will more than pay for the initial higher purchase price.

IDT Energy and New York Improving Urban Living

New York can find solutions to the energy problems of dense urban living. Experiments in urban planning maximizing green space and minimizing waste of precious resources have been tried with great success. Some of the innovations that have been tried include giving incentives to non polluting industries; building industrial areas which reserve land for open green, green space; creating parks with lakes which catch runoff in low-lying places that flood sometimes; having city planners more than politicians influencing urban development.

IDT Energy in partnership with New York are taking the lead in using safe, clean energy generation, intelligent use of resources, responsible use of green energy and cost savings for its population. This will hopefully help New York continue to be a worldwide trendsetter into and throughout the 21st century.

IDT Energy in New York

IDT Energy has hundreds of thousands of customers who are already enjoying the cost, service and environmental benefits of IDT energy’s supply, making IDT Energy one of the leading energy supply companies supplying energy – electricity & natural gas – throughout of all New York State.

IDT Energy recognizes New York and Brooklyn’s expectations of their energy supply, and therefore IDT has as its ideal to respond to all the needs and demands of the New York energy consumer base. It is this desire to provide the best energy solutions for all their customers that has given birth to IDT Energy revolution. Indeed, IDT Energy has revolutionized the entire energy supply market.

IDT Energy background

IDT Energy is an IDT Corporation Company, which means that IDT Energy has the support and backing of the IDT Corporation. Thus, IDT Energy has the advantage of firm corporate backing, which together with its personal service and attention gives it the edge in a highly competitive market. The IDT Corporation has been a provider of cost-saving consumer products and services for over 20 years – making its affiliated IDT Energy company the ESCO (Energy Service Company) for you.

Public Service Commission Approval

IDT Energy has the approval of the Public Service Commission as well as local utility bodies to provide electric and natural gas services to residential and business customers. This approval means that IDT Energy meets the various criteria required to function as an energy supplier.

What Does This Mean For The Utility Companies?
The local utility company is not effected by one’s choice of IDT Energy (or any other ESCO) for energy supply services. The same level of service is assured by the utilities whether or not they supply the energy.