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Biogenic Methane Renewable Natural Gas

In our exploration of the genesis of natural gas we have already seen the process of thermogenic formation which requires extreme temperatures to transform plants and animals into fossil fuels.

Another process, which could help us in today’s world produce methane as a renewable resource is called the biogenic production of methane. In this process methane is produced by the breakdown of organic matter by means of microorganisms which are found on the surface of the earth in which oxygen is not found. These microorganisms are so common that they are found in the intestines of most animals, including humans.

Presently methane formed this way is almost entirely lost to the atmosphere. Sometimes, however the methane can be trapped underground and then harvested and used as natural gas. This happens at landfills, where relatively large amounts of methane are produced when the materials in the landfill decompose with the help of the microorganisms found there.

IDT Energy hopes that this new understanding of what natural gas is and where it comes from will increase your appreciation of the wonder of natural gas.

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