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4 Key Energy Saving Tips for Spring

While some areas of the country are still blanketed in snow and it may be hard to believe that spring is on the way – it really is. To get ready for the weather changes, here are a number of key ways that you can save energy this spring. Certainly, companies like IDT Energy and many others can also offer additional tips and help you to save even more on your energy costs.

1. Clean for Spring: What does this entail? Make sure your fans are working properly. Wash and replace filters as necessary. Change the air flow on your ceiling fans to draw air upwards and cool rooms better.

2. Drapes: Consider spending some money now to save more later. Insulated, thermal-backed drapes can really make a difference in your rooms.

3. Evaluate Air Conditioners: If you’re considering putting in air conditioning, do your homework. You’ll want to buy the smallest capacity unit that will meet your needs. Check out the EER (energy efficiency ratio) of the unit by calculating the unit’s cooling capacity by its energy requirement. If the EER is 10 or higher, it’s good, while a 6-7 is fair.

4. Attic Ventilators: This might just be a great investment for you. An attic ventilating system takes cool air up through the house. It can actually give you as much comfort as an air conditioning unit for a much lower cost.

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